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It offers a few notable features to make up for its lack of Ice Cream Sandwich the Android 4. These include a super-crisp Reality display with Floating Touch and a powerful dual-core processor, which promises tp run Gingerbread perfectly smooth. The Sony Xperia sola strives to give you a feature-rich experience to set itself apart from the crowd of midrange droids.

The Smart tags are definitely a step in the right direction, with NFC continuing to pick up steam. Overall, the Xperia sola has a competitive set of features for its price range and the Floating Touch technology adds a measure of exclusivity.

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The display can react to not only taps but hovering fingers. Sony Xperia sola live pictures. Coming up is our unboxing of the Xperia sola, as well as an examination of its design and build quality. Battry back up is worst among all anroid phones.

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Then read along The Sony Xperia sola is ideal for single-handed operation. Sony Xperia sola degrees View: Related phones PhoneArena rating:.

User rating:. Specifications News [9].

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Rivals Photos. Size it Videos. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. Hot Phones. Sony Xperia sola view full specs. PhoneArena rating:. Popular stories. Last week Last 2 days Most commented. Recent Articles. Hot Reviews. Samsung Galaxy S10e hands-on: Big features in a smaller package.

We played with Samsung's off-limits Galaxy S10 5G.

SONY XPERIA SOLA MT27i НА Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich [1080P]

Why is my Android flagship not getting updates for 4 years? Is 5G safe or dangerous? Here are the facts. Best smartwatches this year.

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Ad Consent. Which is a shame because generally a great little phone and excellent value for money. Another small negative is the small speaker is on the back of the phone. After some research I have upgraded to Sony xperia Z1 on a plan which appears to have all the good features of this phone and few if nay of the bad review to come Styling, Clear Screen, Feature set, Low Price Can be slow to respond to requests and slow to answer calls, Small speaker can be easily muffled due to location on the back. Sola has a wonderful feature covering almost every user-demand for a modern smart phone at a lower price.

It's battery life is okay.

User experience and performance

Weight, size and resolution are all perfect for my use. I found it wonderful for the first week or so, but then I slowly realised it needed to increase its RAM definitely that would increase its price. With the increase of contacts in the list, it becomes almost non-responsive and takes a long time to show the contact list, and sometimes you'll forget that you have touched a contact to make a call. Another problem that frequently annoys me is when someone calls while browsing or using an app. You can hear it ringing but the screen to accept calls doesn't appear for a while.

It becomes a nightmare if you don't restart the phone for few days. The camera is also very slow to respond. It's probably good if you don't have many apps installed or used, or use it rarely for browsing or taking pictures. Presence of every feature an android user craves for Slow to respond. Really great smartphone. Looks good, has good reception, easy to use, reliable and great screen. The size is perfect as comfortable to hold and has a large 3.

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  8. The colours a crisp and clean. The live wall paper is a nice feature. Very good value smartphone.