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Make sure the charging symbol is on when your device is plugged into the outlet or placed on your cordless charger. If the charging symbol isn't on, test the outlet with another electronic device to see if the issue is the outlet. If the outlet works, test the charging cable on a different device to see if the cable is the problem. If you're getting a message that says your backup couldn't be completed, the culprit is often your Wi-Fi connection. If your iPhone isn't connected to Wi-Fi, follow this tip to get it connected again.

If that fails, it's time to call your internet service provider for help. If you have Auto-Lock turned off, you may be forgetting to turn off your screen and lock it at night. To check to see if Auto-Lock is enabled:. There is a possibility that you haven't forgotten anything and that Apple's iCloud Backup System is temporarily unavailable. To check this:.

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February proved that and the list of new I see this message often on a particular wifi router. I have to manually start a backup with this router otherwise it has an error. I think bandwidth is kften the cause. Otherwise I just backup to my Laptop. None of these steps, including turning off iCloud, and restoring from iTunes worked for me.

I do not use VPN. Interestingly, running the same iOS 9. Rebooting and insuring that a stable wi-fi connection is available has worked to resolve the issue every time for me, and I encounter it somewhat regularly. I have the same issue on my iPhone 6.

Fixing iCloud backups

My chat guy said Apple engineers are aware of the problem and plan to address it asap with an update. This issue can be different for each device. We are aware of this issue and our engineers are working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Until then you can either backup to iTunes or follow these steps: Restore from iTunes Backup using the steps below. The directions you got from Apple are a combination of the steps in this exact article, basically, backup to iTunes, delete the iCloud backups, and restore. Not sure why you are complaining or confused other than being annoyed with Apple service quality.

Often, reboots fix just about everything, funny how that works now with iOS just as it did with Windows Ultimately Apple wants to sell us a new iPhone, a new iPad, a new Mac, they do not want to put much time into troubleshooting software issues as there is no money in it.

How to fix "iPhone Backup Failed"

I think that drives much of this from the top down. Glass half empty? They do their best to make their older equipment fail, so YOU will spend more money. I followed the above directions. It just keeps me in this endless loop.. Any other options? Implemented all fixes with the exception of wipe and restore from iTunes backup on my MacBook Pro with all negative results. Called Apple and senior adviser stated it was known problem with latest iOS software 9. I have current iTunes backup on my MacBook so iCloud backup not so critical at this time.

Very best regards to all. Ok, so I am having the same problem. I did a hard boot and still nothing. Happy to say that at least now it is trying to do the backup. So far so good. I was told someone would contact me when they had the solution, that was two weeks ago. A restart fixed the problem. I know because I was taken through them all during a day period of working with Apple on this problem. In my case, the only thing which solved the problem was working with Apple and finally having them escalate my case to the engineers who are behind the iCloud service.

The apparently did something on the cloud and thereafter it worked prior. Who has time for this sort of messing around? Quality, stability, and performance are somewhere missing from the checklists, there seemingly no quality assurance. This is why I can not recommend updating any Apple software anymore, every update breaks things, or slows things down so much to the point of the device being nearly useless, there is never a feature that is necessary or essential to make any of the hassle worth it.

iCloud Backup Not Working in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad: How to Fix The Issue

It should be noted that, for me at least, automatic iCloud backups require a Wi-Fi connection and being connected to power. I neglected to check before updating to iOS 9.

How to Backup & Restore iPhone from iCloud! [2018]

I try the Apple support line and they said that engineers are aware of the problem and they are planning to address it with the next update. Same issue as everyone here. Apple please address. Thank you osxdaily for temporary fix until Apple gets their act together with a fix for this wide spread problem. I used your reboot iPad, go straight to settings and do a manual backup, it ran like a charm and gave me a completed backup.

I did exactly how this article suggest in the first place and it worked! Fyi i use iphone 6 with OS 9. My iPhone 5 will not backup automatically! My iPad does backup every night! My iPhone 6 64G will not back up. It has not been backed up in 11 weeks when I tried the steps above and it worked. It has not worked again. Nothing works!!!

I am having the same problem. I had my new iPhone 6s December 17th and have not been able to back up to iCloud. I have deleted my iPad back up in iCloud but am worried about deleting my other iPhone back up. This was from my old iPhone 5s. I have backed up to laptop, but would prefer to back up to iCloud. Back up starts and tells me it will take 6 hours and gets half way and does not complete. Can anyone help?? Same problems. It worked ONCE and has not worked since. And once again now.

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  5. Long, tedious wipe and restores each time. The first symptom seems to be an app that stalls when updating and which is then hard or impossible to delete. The iCloud Technicians have delved into my account once already and are due to go back in hopefully this week. They removed this massive tumor of data and things appeared fine for approximately 30 days when suddenly my device showed the symptoms described here.

    Good Luck Everyone! Well been on this issue for 4 days.

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    Called Apple got the same as listed in above post. As atleast you will have clean hair to spend hours reloading your wifi connections as you travel thru your past places again. So dam frustrated. You know they do. While you explain the issue they are Googling help. Google yourself will likely be as beneficial. One of the earlier posts gave me an idea to try.

    iCloud Backup Failed? Why iPhone Won't Back Up & How to Fix It

    Go to settings, icloud, click backup, turn off. Waited 30 or so seconds, turned backup on. Entered icloud password required. Problem solved — at least for my situation. Easy 2 minute fix. Very frustrating. Supposedly I have 4. My fix was to re-enter the password associated with my iCloud Apple ID.