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Microphones have different patterns of how they pick up sound. The ideal pattern for podcast recording is cardioid, which is highly sensitive in the front and not as sensitive in the rear. In plain English, you want a microphone that picks up your voice but not background noise. In particular, the AUDynamics Processor can cause clipping and make things sound weird.

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Marco Arment summed up the pros and cons of the Blue Yeti when he published his roundup of podcasting microphones a few years back:. The Yeti has been recommended for years as an inexpensive starter mic. Getting good sound out of it takes some work and additional gear: The bi-directional USB-C would be preferable because it would be impossible to orient the plug incorrectly. The iRig Mic HD 2 also has a little indicator light.

While the Yeti is a large, pill-shaped microphone that requires a stand, the iRig Mic HD 2 is a slender handheld model.

How to Record Your iPhone Screen (21 Amazing Tips!)

It feels like a solid, well-constructed bit of kit, though not uncomfortably heavy. Although I stick with Audio Hijack and Garageband, iMic also includes a great deal of software , including:. Sound Quality Showdown: So I made a number of test recordings with both mics side by side.

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For my first recordings, I set the gain volume of capture for each microphone at 75 percent, which is what I usually use. I recorded both simultaneously in Audio Hijack with no effects applied.

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  • My mouth was about a foot away from the microphones, which is the usual distance. To best hear the difference, I recommend listening to these with headphones:. In those two recordings, my impression is that the Yeti recording was louder, but also muddier and with more relative noise than the iRig Mic HD 2. I decided to try another recording, this time with the iRig Mic HD 2 at full gain and the Yeti at only 25 percent to see how those would sound:.

    How to Connect Your Blue Yeti Microphone to an iPhone or iPad - REVIEW !

    Finally, I decided to make test recordings with my usual Audio Hijack settings, which is a mono recording in AIFF format with a denoise effect applied:. And just as a bonus, here are two test recordings of me playing guitar with both microphones, again using my usual Audio Hijack settings:. You should draw your own conclusions, but to my ears, the iRig Mic HD 2 consistently sounds clearer and crisper, with less noise. In any case, it adds to the actual cost.

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    He was happy to spend the money to get optimal sound quality, but does his setup sound five times better than mine? The iRig Mic HD 2 hits a sweet spot. Josh - your test and comments are most appreciated but some of your ideas are a little unscientific. The proper settings are whatever achieve the right levels in the recording gear or application you are using.

    And then saying car 2 has much better acceleration than car 1, or vice versa. The "sensitivity" of the mic, and the amount of "gain" at a particular setting of the control have no correlation between different microphones. Also, when you talk about "relative noise", you need to be much more specific about what you mean by "noise".

    How to record your iPhone screen

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