Iphone 6 lightning connector loose

Using the spudger, carefully disconnect the lower oblong connector for the Lightning connector. Testing the new Lightning connector Temporarily connect the new Lightning connector and the Battery. Then temporarily connect the display. Start your iPhone and check whether the headphone jack including remote control of the headphones and the microphone work. Check whether your PC recognizes your iPhone.

Now remove the following four Phillips screws that hold the speaker in place see figure 1. Put the screws in different containers so you can easily identify them later. Push the antenna cable off of the speaker see figure 3. Now you can remove the speaker see figure 4. Remove the two screws that hold the vibration motor in place see figure 1. Unscrew the two Phillips screws from the Lightning cover see figure 1. Now remove the following seven Phillips screws.

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First remove the small black piece of plastic see figure 1. Then carefully detach the microphone using the laboratory spatula or the spudger see figure 2. Insert the laboratory spatula below the ribbon cable and carefully detach it from the base see figure 3. The cable is only glued in place at the point where the speaker was. Use the spatula or spudger to loosen the headphone jack see figure 4 and the Lightning connector see figure 5. Now carefully continue detaching the Lightning connector from the base using the spatula or spudger see figures 6 and 7.

Then carefully remove the ribbon cable using your fingers. Now put the new Lightning connector in the original position see figure 1.

Replacement parts and tools for this repair

Make sure that the Lightning connector, the audio jack and the microphone are fitted properly against the frame see figure 2. Now insert the small black piece of plastic over the microphone again see figure 1. Then screw in all seven screws that attach the Lightning connector again figure 2.

Lightning port too loose?

Now install the Lightning cover see figure 5 and screw it in place see figure 6. Place the new vibration motor at the original location see figure 1. Screw the vibration motor in place again see figure 2. Put the new speaker in the original position. In this process, make sure the antenna cable with the little metal ring is installed on the speaker correctly see figure 1.

How To Fix: iPhone 6 & 7 Not Charging Properly - Loose Connection

Now you can fasten the Philipps screws again see figure 2. Now reconnect the little antenna cable and the connector for the Lightning connector in the appropriate positions. Reattach the connectors see figure 1. Connecting the LCD connector generally takes a few tries.

Be very careful to avoid bending the connector. Check the function of the LCD, touchscreen, proximity sensor, front camera and earpiece.

If the connectors are not connected properly, stripes will appear on the display or parts of the touchscreen will not work. My IPhone 6 plus charging port feels more loose than other iPhone 6 plus charging ports and has problems charging with a lightning cable, however I'm unsure if it's because they might not be Apple certified, what's the best course of action? More Less.

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My IPhone 6 plus charging port feels more… - Apple Community

As to the repair cost, contact Apple and you will find out. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Cohen Okay will do however just as a precaution would the replacement charger port have a cost or as its problem would they just fix it as I'm not sure. I scoped it, no dirt. I brushed it, no dirt, i aircanned, no dirt. Then one day a massive hunk of micro-debris, pitch black, came out on its own. I had checked for exactly this and never saw it. Not sure what tool i would recommend to do this.

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Minho refectio. The Lightning connector should fully insert into the dock. Only then will the side clips hold the connector in. If the connector isn't fully inserting, then there is definitely some debris in there. You will need to use a flashlight and some magnification to get a proper look. The other possibility is that if the Lightning cable is not an Apple original cable, it may have just softened up and become damaged over time. Otherwise, you could consider replacing the dock. It is a fairly straightforward repair and you could even test the strength of the connection before installing it in the phone.

This is a manufacturing design fault with these new design blade charging cables. We never had the issues with the old design as the pin type was the best and solid design that you could not open the port hold. This new blade charging tip has no support or guide to ensure you place the charging blade in straight. It stinks that we have to pay for replacing the charging ports on iPhones when these should be a life time workable item.

Tim Stander timstander. IMHO after 50 years of being involved with electronics, the lightning port is not a really good design in the service for which it is intended. Do NOT buy the cheapest replacement leads. Do NOT put pressure on the leads. Preferably do NOT use the phone when you are charging it.

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  • See if some enterprising manufacturer in China will come up with a after marked rubber bung that blocks the charging port when not in use. Good advice, always stick to reputable brand leads that have the MFi certification which is the made for iPhone iPad iPod logo certification on the packaging of the charging cable.