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He steals peoples' souls. If you don't know yet you should browse through our site for the first two parts of this horror game. One can count over games featuring Slender Man on Play Market. Most of them are of low quality, however, and do not deserve to your attention. If you don't believe us, you should see for yourself. Story Line. The events in the third part of the saga are transported from Medieval England to the United States of America, into a sorority where strange things started to occur.

The three young women didn't believe the old woman. And yet the next day one of the girls disappeared.

Slender Man

The day after that another one disappeared. If Slender Man manages to frighten the girls he will claim their souls.

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Bottom Line. You will have to look for special keys to open the gates to the real world.

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If you want to save someone else with you don't forget to grab their things scattered around the locations. The game of hide and seek life. Hidden objects in a spooky mansion. Dark horror. Gory Zombie Quest. The Best and most scariest Slender Man on Android. By the creator of Jeff The Killer comes another scary game that will updated often and be changed by the user advice. This game uses jump-scares to add the scare, if you don't like that please do not rate bad. If you have worries or questions about it!

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Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Granny keeps you locked in her house. It's a bit short and you should finish the game in a few hours. The Deluxe Edition is a bit more expensive than the normal version, but it includes a bunch of extra stuff. Five Nights at Freddy's series Price: The Five Nights at Freddy's titles are a series of highly popular horror games. They rely on the classic jump scare. Your job is to sit somewhere and keep an eye out for living robots. They are, of course, trying to kill you. You win the game if you can survive. There is also a healthy amount of lore and story.


There are five games in total to play through. The mechanics vary between the games. However, the core premise remains the same. Fran Bow series Price: Fran Bow is another series of horror games. Each game is a different chapter in the story line. Unlike many games that package the whole series in a single title, Fran Bow breaks the mold by making each chapter its own downloadable game. It's a puzzle game where you must self-administer medication to go into an alternate world. The story line is excessively creepy. It's a decent series overall. You're halfway done! Here are some more excellent mobile games!

HideAndSeek Price: HideAndSeek is a psychological thriller with an anime theme. You play as Dorothy and you fell asleep in a closet during a game of hide and seek. She doesn't remember why she's there when she wakes up and the house has entirely transformed into something different. You explore the area and regain memories as you go. It also uses puzzle, mystery, and adventure game elements as well.

It's a neat little experience, even if it's an older horror game. Those with older Samsung devices may run into problems, though.

Into the Dead 2 Price: Into the Dead 2 is the latest in a popular series of horror games. It's an infinite runner. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible. The game also includes a story mode with multiple endings, weapon and ammo perks, and more. The game also includes more game play mechanics than its first iteration. Thus, it's the one we'd recommend first. The first Into the Dead is still pretty good, though.