Remove apple id from iphone 6 without password

In these cases, you will be using another iPhone and the person in question will have to login with their own apple ID.

So it becomes necessary to reset the apple id and password so they get access to the services and in the case of you got a pre owned iPhone from another person you need to remove their apple id so you can use your own apple id to login there. And you're good to go.

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

This guide can be followed in case if you have contact with the owner of the iPhone and they themselves log out of the Apple Id. In case if you can't contact the owner, and the activation locks will hinder you from availing services on your newly bought phone, you need to remove your apple id without the help of a password. Step 1.

You need to erase the Find my iPhone feature from your iPhone device as this is the feature responsible for the Activation lock feature.

How to Delete Apple ID without Password

So follow these simple steps to get rid of this. Step 2. Now you need to log out of every where by clicking on Settings, and then going on iTunes and App Store where you'll find the Apple ID slot. You need to just click on sign out there. Step 2.

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Put your iPhone in Recovery Mode: PhoneClean is a powerful iOS cleaning tool that can help users clean all kinds of junk files and free up space on iDevice. If you prefer an easy and quick way, PhoneClean can be your best choice. Member of iMobie team, an Apple fan as well as an anime lover.

Like to share solutions on iOS and Android related problems. And you can start to set up your iPhone as a brand new one. Another way to unlock the device is to use a paid activation service online.

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password

One of the most reliable is https: Go to https: Step 2: Click "Add to Cart" and make the payment. You will receive confirmation that the device has been unlocked in days. Step 2. Keeping holding the home button until you see an iTunes logo on the device.


Then it's time to restore your iPhone with iTunes. It may cause your iPhone to get stuck in recovery mode, so we suggest it as the last resort. Give it a shot now!

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