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At the same time, notify the agent as to whether the SIM card was lost or stolen. Wait for the replacement SIM card to be mailed or if your wireless provider allows, you may be able to pick it up at a specific store. April Khan is a medical journalist who began writing in She has contributed to publications such as "BBC Focus.

Search Glass x. Tip If your handset was stolen and you are calling in to get a replacement SIM card, make sure that the new handset you are putting the replacement SIM in has the name of your wireless provider on it. Tracfone users can make calls to 60 countries including Canada, Mexico, China and most Western European countries list for the same price as a domestic call. To make an international call you first dial You will then prompted to select your language 1 for English and then to dial plus the country code and number.

It's not possible to call other countries besides the 60 supported ones and Tracfone doesn't support sending international text messages either. You can buy the SIM card online , on eBay.

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Mini and micro SIM sizes are available. You need to activate you SIM card online or by calling from another phone. Reload PINs are available from their outlets. The PIN code has to be texted to like this: Alternatively, you can top-up online by debit or credit card.

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To this card, you can link auto-pay, but don't forget to cancel later. You can add these combo plans valid for 30 days. All contain unlimited domestic calls, domestic and international SMS, calls to some internal. The unlimited plan is really unlimited, but requires auto-pay.

The other plans will be throttled to 64 Kbps having reached the quota. For more data, you can renew your plan at anytime.


Plans will auto-renew every 30 days or 7 days depending on plan. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account your service will be suspended. If you do not renew within 90 days after your account is suspended you will lose your phone number. You can check your cash balance, change plans, add PINs and make a payments using a credit or debit card using the My Account option online free registration required or by calling ADD from your Simple Mobile phone.

Take care which network you choose. Reload cards can be found in their stores, supermarkets or at callingmart. Available top-ups are: If not topped up, account will be terminated and credit is lost. The SIMs can be activated online or by calling from another phone. To top-up go online and pay with credit card or visit the dealer again. Auto-pay is available too. When data is used up, speed will be throttled to kbps. Additional data can be added to any plan at: Global calling includes 74 countries.

In the US you can activate a new SIM by by calling from another phone, but abroad you need to activate on their website instead. You can buy refills on lycamobile. Refill cards are available from local Lycmobile dealers.

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Some local and online dealers including callingmart. Lycamobile offers data only on the following data on monthly plans. All packages include "unlimited" data, domestic texts and voice and "unlimited" free calls among Lycamobile worldwide. All packages will renew automatically, if there is credit. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to renew your service will be suspended. Unused call credits rollover provided you top up on time before the account is deactivated for inactivity. Their pay-as-you-go rate outside of monthly packages doesn't offer data or MMS.

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It's the least expensive way to park a phone number as regular top-ups aren't needed. This plan is not mentioned on their website. Funds added to a Lycamobile pay-as-you-go account never expire as long as a non-toll-free call is made or received or a text is sent at least every 90 days. It comes as a tri-cut SIM.

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  • As a special service, they also ship overseas in business days, which is very rare for an operator. The SIM card is supposed to be self-activating. They have a very rigid top-up scheme: To be eligible for a top-up, your ZIP SIM must either have an active plan, or your plan expired within the last 72 hours. For more data you need to a another package within the rigid top-up period or the card will be discontinued.

    These packs include unlimited domestic calls, domestic and international text and a data quota. You can add airtime for international calls at purchase. Regular and micro SIMs are available. SIM size is regular and nano. Activate online or by calling Products OnePlus 2. T-Mobile U. SIM card free upgrade Sep 2, For those of you like me using a One on T-Mobile U. I don't know how long the promotion will run.

    Tips on switching SIM cards

    Just be careful that they don't think you're adding a line rather than upgrading an existing one, which happened to me. It won't cost anything, but I'll have to call them to cancel the extra line once I receive the SIM kit. I've never ever ever heard of a company charging for a replacement SIM, thats really odd. MustBeTrippin , Oct 1, However, when I needed a new micro sim for a phone, they did not charge me.

    In that case, My son's S4 flew off a rollercoaster at Universal Studios, so we had them deactivate the sim. However, they had nets under the rollercoaster and we were able to get the phone back a week later.