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CamCard also lets you upload your own card and add augmented reality features, such as a headshot or a video introduction, which other CamCard users will be able to see, should they ever scan your card. The app does let you share your card digitally with users via QR code or through its Card Radar, a feature that alerts you to nearby CamCard users.

This app also offers better in-app management tools: You can mass- categorize, email, text, share, or delete contacts from within the app itself. It frequently messes up addresses it almost never separates the street from the city and it occasionally places periods where there should be none. The app comes in two versions: A free version that allows you to save one contact per week, and a premium version that allows you to save unlimited contacts.

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Unfortunately, WorldCard Mobile does not have a batch mode for snapping pictures of multiple cards at once, nor does the camera automatically take a photo when a card is properly positioned. These might seem like insignificant features, but they make a big difference when you have hundreds of business cards to digitize.

SamCard Lite, which allows you to save up to three new cards to your Contacts list each week, and the premium version, which allows you to save unlimited cards to your Contacts list. The app is simple and easy to use. The camera does not offer a batch mode or automatic picture-taking, but it does work very quickly.

Available anytime, anywhere… Safe and sound, trouble-free.

CamCard - Read Your Card, Mind Your Business

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Chat with all of your friends: Share your photos easily: Use iTookThisOnMyPhone as a one-stop shop for uploading your pictures and video to photo sharing sites, including Facebook. Exchange media: One the most ingenious mobile apps we've seen, Bump lets two smartphone users physically bump their devices together to share contact data, media, and bookmarks, as well as to initiate social networking connections and chat sessions.

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