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The service featured lifetime statistics across multiple games as well as a multitude of social-networking options. Modern Warfare 3 ; however, following the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II , the service was made free.

Call of Duty ELITE iPhone App Now Available for Download

Elite website in favor of their mobile products. While a free version is available, the subscription based portion of Elite includes exclusive premium features such as monthly downloadable content , daily competitions with virtual and real life prizes, the ability to level up players' clan, pro analysis and strategies, Elite TV, and more. The service previously had a premium subscription option during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ; however, it was made free following the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Elite in Black Ops II offers advanced player performance statistics, a clan management system, leaderboards for the zombie god mode, digital video entertainment, and social integration, [2] mostly features that required a premium subscription in Modern Warfare 3.

It seemed as though the successful Call of Duty: Elite would have continued to Call of Duty: Ghosts , [ citation needed ] but it was then replaced by the Call of Duty Mobile App.

Call of Duty: Elite

The Elite Service was shut down shortly after the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts , and it has been confirmed [ citation needed ] to not be in use again. XP in September The public beta was released on July 14, on the Xbox exclusively for Black Ops. Invites for the PlayStation 3 version began being sent out on September 17, Elite officially launched on November 8, to coincide with the release of Modern Warfare 3.

We need more time to get there, so Elite on PC will not launch on Day 1. Activison confirmed March 15, that they are still working on an Elite version for PC players. Elite was met with intermittent service following the release of Modern Warfare 3. On November 8, , the service was down for non-premium users until December 1, Beachhead Studios has acknowledged that the console app had seen unprecedented demand and had thus caused many of the outages experienced. However, PlayStation 3 and PC Premium members are to receive their share of the Elite content after the Xbox Premium members due to an ongoing contract between Microsoft and Activision.

As of March 31, , there were 10 million players who had signed up for the service, 2 million of which were premium paid members.

  1. Call Of Duty ELITE For Android Now Available In Market – Download Now.
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  7. Elite has a console app for the Xbox and PlayStation 3 versions of the game. The console app allows users to access Call of Duty: Elite on their consoles. Elite on their smartphones. Elite offers access to downloadable content DLC , called Content Drops, including extra missions and new multiplayer maps. These Drops began with the introduction of the multiplayer maps of Liberation and Piazza being made available to Xbox players on January 24, and to PlayStation 3 players in February The Elite website promises access to "20 new multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions and more" during the Season of Content in But revealed in Robert Bowling's Twitter page fourzerotwo that there is to be 24 plus content for this season.

    Call Of Duty Elite For iOS Gets Player & Competition Tracking | Cult of Mac

    Elite was shut down on February 28, , after running for over two years. Modern Warfare 3. Most of the application is statistical information about your time in Call of Duty. The major section of the app shows your career summary with stats on kill-to-death ratios, points per match, and other specific information.

    The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty aggregates a lot of information, some of which may not be important to casual first person shooter players. Hardcore fans will enjoy the in-depth look at their progress in the game.


    While you cannot create a new loadout, it is possible to modify existing sets just like regular multiplayer from the primary and secondary weapons to accessories and perks. Do you recommend it?

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    View full description. CONS Suited for hardcore players. Softonic review This program can no longer be downloaded.