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Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. When setting up a mailbox, there's the choice of accepting Nokia Email's terms and routing all your email through Nokia's servers which still works or using 'Decline' and choosing to use standard IMAP protocols to connect to your email provider directly.

I usually go for the latter, figuring that I don't really want my email routed through third party servers which may or may not stay 'up', especially in the light of Symbian's current resource decline at Nokia. Nokia Email does work OK, once set up, though it's generally slow, doesn't handle HTML messages well and doesn't handle email header display very efficiently in either portrait or landscape modes.

Nokia N97 GPS Antenna Hack or modification. -- CONTAINS LARGE PICS - no 56k

At least it's integrated well into Messaging generally, as shown above right. Nokia Maps 3. It'll automatically remove any copy of Ovi Maps you already have e. Worked a treat for me and v3. Also well worth checking are that you have the latest offline maps.

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Nokia Suite provides a way to load an entire country's worth of maps into the N97 mini's mass memory. In fact, more than that, it'll also keep an eye on map updates and, when these get updated on the server with new detail, it'll prompt you to have these upgraded too. Very cool. There are two possible approaches to managing the most precious resource on the N97 mini: And no, this is totally different to the disk C: Approach one is to let Symbian OS do its thing, closing apps when you run out and generally trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.

It works well enough if you're fairly gentle with your apps and 'Exit' the heavy duty ones Web, Photos, Maps, etc manually when you're done with them. The system really does work quite well and RAMBlow also doubles as a task manager. Applications that you need kept running at all times because you want them instantly available, even a day or so later - Podcasting, Music player, Clock, in my case can be toggled as 'protected', meaning they won't get terminated as part of a RAM clean-up.

Nokia N97 Mini SIM Free unlocked mobile

In theory! Much has been said about Symbian's S60 5th Edition Web browser, so I won't repeat that all here, except to say that it's still crippled on the N97 mini because of the relative lack of free RAM. This has a familiar browser interface but uses server-side compression of pages and is dramatically faster when browsing complex sites. One of the biggest losses to day to day usability on the N97 mini is that of telling the time - the keylock screen just pops up a 'how to unlock' message - the underlying display may or may not show a clock.

Once installed and the device restarted , this utility acts to pop up a clock at normal brightness whenever you press the main N97 menu button - without disturbing the keylock itself. I mentioned brightness and keylocking above. The N97 mini's screen is TFT and the impact of running the screen 'frontlight' on full brightness is quite a bit less than if the same were done with say a white theme on a modern AMOLED device.

Your N97 mini's display will almost look modern.

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In addition, you can opt for a nice bright theme to make the display as clear as possible, without worrying about AMOLED power wastage. I'm a big fan of the simple Just Light theme , which is incredibly efficient and uses hardly any RAM - which means more for your applications. Try to resist the temptation to install that pretty 3MB theme from your favourite novelties site - it'll slow the N97 down and will decrease usability. On the keylocking front, I find all the S60 5th Edition devices to be rather annoying in that with the screen off, it's not clear whether the screen's just powered down and waiting for a keypress or whether the device is actually keylocked.

So you toggle the keylock and And now you've got to wait a second and toggle it again to bring the device back on again. If the screen is then off under normal circumstances I know the device isn't keylocked and can just press the main front-face menu button to bring it back to life.

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The N97's variant of S60 5th Edition in famously introduced the widgetised homescreen. I say 'infamously' because the default selection included two huge RAM guzzlers, both just as dangerous on the N97 mini: Facebook and Accuweather. Delete these two widgets and the N97 mini starts to sing. In which case the single homescreen of the N97 mini is perfectly good enough. My pimped N97 mini ended up with Calendar, Music player, Favourite contacts and application shortcuts on its homescreen. All offline content, you'll note, but this has RAM and battery life benefits.

Besides which, every online widget I've tried, whether email or social or weather, has required me to tap it anyway, to bring up the full app for any serious use - so why not simply have that application as a 'shortcut' and save lots of homescreen real estate?

In my estimation, the biggest Achilles heel of the N97 mini was its battery life.

Nokia N97 Mini Antenna + Antenna GPS+ Buzzer

A mAh cell should have been just about acceptable, but in practice the device always seemed to burn through the charge faster than I'd expect. With the latest firmware and software patches, detailed above, I'd hope that efficiency should be higher now, at least with a newish BL-4D installed.

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  5. For its size and now cost, the N97 mini is a stunningly useful smartphone. It's at the polar opposite end of every smartphone spectrum to the iPhones of this world, but with a little pimping it might just make a super backup device, super cheap and by modern standards super-small. A quick summary of the main differences between the N97 'classic' and the N97 mini, from the latter's point of view: Black or white Although available in both colours plus a rather rare dark red variant - get the black one.

    The black N97 mini also doesn't ahem show the dirt like the white one does. Spring clean Now, this may well be me just being fastidious, but there are practical advantages too, to giving the N97 mini a good physical spring clean. Spare batteries The N97 mini uses the BL-4D, used in several other Nokia smartphones, including the N8 and E5, which means that there are replacement batteries around or, simply, spares if you need them. Latest firmware It goes without saying that you'll need latest firmware on your N97 mini.