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I was always able to access my customer's systems using the Note 5, now on the IPhone 7 I can only see about 15 out of the I tried two different IPhone and got the exact same result, not connection. I tried 2 Samsung Galaxy phones and they worked fine using the Verizon Network. Its a apple issue that is well known. If you use any Android device or any older iPhone running its original software you won't run into the problem. T-mobile can not do anything to fix since Apple ultimately controls all aspects of the software. Thank you for the reply, so it's definitely a problem that's a combination of IPhone and T-Mobile, mainly IPhone, right?

I have not been able to test it with an IPhone with a carrier other than T-Mobile network. Correct the problem mainly lies on Apple with this one. Other carriers may still work with the Iphone for these legacy services but as they upgrade their network as well and phase out IPv4 support unless on legacy devices this problem will merge its head.

I have iphone 6 with the latest ios update with Verizon couple weeks ago and never have problem viewing my home security camera Samsung SNH-VB with carrier data until I switched to T-Mobile. With T-Mobile, I can only view my home camera live or stored when on wifi but never on carrier data. Called T mobile several times and even went to their store but no one can help.

Was issued couple of trouble tickets but never get any responses back. Only recourse is to switch back to Verizon which has a lot better coverage. T mobile can be a little cheaper but not worth the trouble and agony. I am sorry that you had that experience. However, it is a know issue with Apple. If you use a Android device you would be able to force a IPv4 connection and things would work out fine. Although I understand not wanting to swap your device for such a reason. That doesn't help, describing the ocean to a drowning man!

We need a solution, not re-stating the known issue. I am sorry, there is currently no known solution. I added a free subdomain AAAA record at http: It has been working fine using iphone 7plus and 8plus since i switched to Tmobile last year. I wish someone can fix, i realy dont want to switch providers. Just for clarification if it helps to resolve anything; everything worked fine for last 2 years up until yesterday morning approx11am.

Nothing has changed at home. Since you're not the only one with the issue on T-Mobile, I doubt that its on your end It is Tmobile - Apple issue.

It works fine on Samsung device and using external WiFi. I called Tmobile last night, spent one hour for nothing. He didnt know anything about it.

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One reply said an android device can force an ipv4 connection. Where do i do this? Using an iphone 7 and am unable to access any device behind my router over LTE. I have tethered my LTE service to my Mac and tried to scan the port I have forwarded on my router with no success. If I connect my Mac to wifi it has no issues. I also tethered a Galaxy 8 Tmobile service to my Mac and was able to scan the port. This seems to be an issue with Tmobile and my Iphone. You are a genius.

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I have been struggling with this for the past month and this is such a simple solution. My installer with iPhone 8 running iOS My daughter with iPhone 7 running iOS I then started googling the problem and came across this thread. I have tested the VPN solution and it works Hi I just came across this post because having the same problem.! I have an iPhone 6plus. You need to change one thing in your Ip. Just let me hear your side of the story may be we have a fix. Stopped working today. This should not require a vpn to use an internet camera.

This means that Tmobile is gating or stopping the feeds. It's incredible to see this Both apps work equally well and there are no known differences between the two apps. The only difference between the paid and the free apps is that the free apps will not allow you to add more than 6 cameras to the app. Other than this camera limitation the paid and the free apps are identical.

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Once you have installed the app, here is what you need to do to be able to see your cameras with the app, If you are using any Zmodo or Funlux IP cameras, you will enter the following settings:. This will appear on the device list when you want to open that device. If you are setting up a single camera, use the SKU from the camera. Most devices use a default of If you are unfamiliar with how to access your router settings, please refer to the corresponding FAQ, linked here. Set the wireless network mode of your 2. Retry the SmartLink setup from your smartphone while connecting to this network.

After SmartLink successfully connects your wireless device to the WiFi network, you can change your settings back to their original value. The wireless device will automatically connect to your network. Welcome to Zmodo Support. I'm having trouble connecting my wireless device to the WiFi Date: