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Apple posted a helpful feature compatibility chart comparing its iWork for iOS apps, which includes Pages, to Microsoft Office.

Apple's Pages iOS App Now Supports Microsoft Word Track Changes | CIO

So thank you, Apple, for making your delightful Pages app even more compatible with Word. James A. James is also a content marketing consultant. Current Job Listings. Tap a tool once, and it's selected for use; tap it a second time, and you can make changes to the tool's behavior. For instance, you can change the size and opacity of the line your selected drawing tool creates. I confess: I'm not the best judge of how well a particular set of drawing tools works.

Apple's Pages iOS App Now Supports Microsoft Word Track Changes

Yes, I own a copy of Procreate. And yes, I do draw like a 2-year-old with a crayon crammed in his fist. But, my lack of talent aside, iWork's drawing tools seem more than sufficient for the kind of drawing you're likely to do directly within the iWork apps. If you need something more, you can import images into your documents after creating them using some other tool.

But overall, iWork's tools will be all you need in order to create your own drawings within Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Since its release eight years ago, Pages for the iPad has offered something more than basic word processing on Apple's tablet. Using this app, you've always been able to create stunning documents that maintain their visual integrity no matter what version of Pages you're using.

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And that's still true in the latest version. Documents created on the iPad moved seamlessly from one device to another. Editing, adding images and creating drawings works flawlessly my artistic limitations aside.

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The app provides excellent tools for manipulating, arranging and managing text and objects on the page, and once you get used to doing things with your fingers instead of a mouse, the work flies. In addition to these writing and drawing capabilities, Pages offers another feature when you use an Apple Pencil: Tap once on a document, and you can add handwritten notes and other editing information that stays attached to the text on which you've written the notes, even when paragraphs are rearranged or text is added or removed.

This feature is in beta mode, but in my testing, it worked as well as jotting down notes on printed paper. Tap once on a document with Apple Pencil, and you can add handwritten notes and other edits that stay attached to the text, even when paragraphs are rearranged. Pages also offers a new book-creation option. Think of it as iBooks Author Lite, with templates you can use to create gorgeous books. As with Apple's iBooks book-creation app, documents created in Pages can include embedded video, images, your personal photos or drawings you create.

How to Buy the Right 3D Printer. When a book is complete, you can export it in EPUB format.

About collaboration for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

So, if you're a teacher, you could create a beautiful interactive study guide that your students could read using iBooks or any other EPUB reader. Personally, I love the spreadsheet app and use it for a variety of purposes, very few of which have anything to do with serious number crunching. That's because Numbers works more like a great page-layout app that has excellent spreadsheet features than like a standard spreadsheet app. For example, I've used Numbers to produce expense reports, make simple amortization tables, and create great-looking call and line sheets for plays I've stage managed, and all of these documents contained great graphics and tables.

So, if you don't need to work with anyone using Microsoft Excel , you can rely on Numbers to create intricate and beautiful spreadsheets.

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But if you need to do business in an Excel setting, which is where the majority of spreadsheet work takes place, all the beauty in the world won't matter one wit. Numbers, therefore, is good only for the basics. A canvas for creativity. See your progress.

Collaborate with Apple’s iWork Apps: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote

Communicate beautifully. Record and edit audio clips.

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Beta Edits that stick. Numbers Create great-looking spreadsheets.

iWork Applications for iPad - Review

Learn more about Numbers. Keynote Easily build stunning, memorable presentations.