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Facebook has another mobile initiative called Facebook Zero that delivers a super-lightweight version of the site to users on certain international carriers, free of charge.

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They say that the relationship will be long-term as Snaptu continues to help improve the app. It sounds like Facebook offered these carrier partners exclusivity to help sweeten the deal, but things may change down the line. Manage all of your video downloads in one place. Clean design lets you focus on your videos. No annoying ads. Flag as inappropriate.

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Additional Information Category: Android 4. Kristen Nicole: What services do you provide for developers or content owners? Do you offer a series of tools for creating an application to work on your platform?

Snaptu is intended as an off-portal open platform which will enable third party developers and eventually non-developers as well, though more limited ones to develop and launch mobile apps. The main advantages in our technology, is the ability to develop the app once, while the system performs the adaptation to the various devices completely automatically.

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In a nutshell, our server-client architecture is designed and executed in such a way, that the application developer is agnostic to the device on which the app will be running. Adding an application to any Snaptu user is immediate distribution can be controlled from the server , which makes it an amazing distribution channel for mobile services.

Once the SDK is mature enough, we will release it to selected developers, and eventually to the public. Are the applications on your platform able to be used on other platforms or as standalone applications? The thin client which resides on the mobile phone about 90kb provides access to any or all of Snaptu apps according to permissions provided by the server.

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This way, we launched a Picasa stand-alone client http: Could you expand on the benefits of having the applications run on a remote server? By moving functionality from the mobile device itself to the server side of the system, we circumvent the need to rely on the specifics of each device, empowering even the most basic phones with the resources of powerful servers. The result is having the ability to easily and rapidly develop engaging applications, which are easier to develop than mobile websites.