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If the operating system is running slow for you, then you're doin' it wrong. I agree 10 is fast, smooth and so far stable. I'm not overjoyed at the aesthetic barreness of it though. Moving from 7 to 10 is like going from color movies to black and white ones. Was it deliberately made plain and ugly? Windows 10 is 3 times slower than windows 7 i have: I've gone eight months without Windows 7 until today, only in an effort to stop the attack of Cyberdine Systems Skynet takeover of many friends pc's with the un-invited Windows After a night of cheap wine, endless Cuban cigars and endless attempts to uninstall and restore their favorite system, I suggested they format their hard drives, turn off automatic updates and head to Iron Mountain until Microsoft gets their head out of their ass.

The endless nights waiting for a full shutdown to close the lid? Windows 10 does all those things too. My new i5 SSD laptop spent more than 15 minutes doing layers of updates and reboots and at the end, some of my custom settings had been changed. Until this changes, windows 7 remains king The only way its slower is if you happen to need one of the options that have been moved from Control Panel into the touch-based settings. But those aren't things you need on a daily basis anyway. My windows 7 runs half a dozen programs in the background, including dreamscene.

For those who don't know, Dreamscene allows users to use a video as a desktop background. As one would expect, this has decreased the performance of my PC. Then I installed 10 in a new partition. Out of the box, 10's performance was not a It was a 1. It was almost unusable, and that was with NO additional programs installed.

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I had to disable most of the spyware and fix incorrect default settings to increase 10's performance and stability. Even with the performance improvements, 10 is slower than my 7.

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Anyone who claims 10 is fast is working for Macrosoft. Of course its slower "out of the box" as for one it spends ages running all the latest updates. Plus none of your default apps will be set, but they wouldn't on 7 either unless you only use the default apps, which I don't. I can agree that the modern UI apps are slugglish compared to desktop apps, but the point is you don't HAVE to use them.

This modernization now includes unifying the OS across mobiles, tablets,". By "modernize" this article seems to mean "one size fits all".

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In other words, the high performance interfaces like PCs with multiple screens have to dumb down to the lowest common denominator. Microsoft means "one size fits all". But discussing the merits or otherwise of their current approach is beyond the remit of this article. I love how you guys are calling Windows 10 absolute shit because the ui looks a little different. How can I stop my machine from doing this I am not a geek and had to take my machine into the Geek Squad twice to have it rolled back.

BTW I want an aero glass like the one on the first image of this article, the one that looks like a bathroom glass, it's so beautiful and way better than windows 7 aero About the gpu impact i have no idea how it will be Big windows 7 HATER here, seriously i don't understand the love that outdated boring buggy garbage gets At least OS like windows 98 had style and where classy and even when xp was fucking ugly you could make it look like 98 and it was really stable and worked amazingly And it would handle old games way better than As for the start menu complaining and whining EASY, download classic shell And i managed to bring the gadgets back on 8 too And also for the people that STILL use that thing called windows 7 or the ones that haven't upgraded 8 you can also get multiple screens like on 10 with a program called dexpot, you can even get compiz like effects too with a program called nimi visuals Why the hell would you not use "third party apps"?

I mean, on android you have third party apps to change the looks of the phone with launchers, what the hell is so bad of doing it on a pc?

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On my windows 7 i tried dexpot and nimi and it was rad. And when i get 10 i will personalize it like that and with aero from a normal site without viruses as well I haven't installed that os though But i will because windows 8 is as unstable and annoying as And supposedly windows 10 is the stablest new os on old pcs Seriously dont use dodgy apps, i remember using some on win to change the theme like windows blinds, all cause extra issues.

I don't care if Windows 10 is ugly. I DO care when I cannot see the applications, such as Windows Explorer properly due to a complete lack of contrast. The white background is so tiring on my eyes, especially when viewed in a dark room. I am so sick of this dumbing down to computers in order to converge them with tablets. But to patch the failed "Start Page" menu of 8 onto the side of a 7 style menu - well that just beggars belief. Even though 10 is "free" they can stick it up where the sun don't shine unless they bring back some common sense and allow users to install aero if they wish to!

Haven't they realised yet that they are simply losing clients with this nonsensical mish mash of BS called windows 10! I found the Win interface bland, a major step backwards after Win-7 the Aero theme. And I don't recommend downloading third-party enhancements to replace something Microsoft should have migrated into Win Packaging Aero with Win as an optional theme wouldn't defeat Microsoft's desire to deliver a multi-platform OS.

If your device can't run it efficiently, you don't select that theme. But maybe that's too difficult for Microsoft. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Microsoft has removed the old theme engine that allowed for the Classic theme, so this is the best we can do. Important Note: We would recommend just getting used to the new user interface. To install it, visit the page and click the Download File link at the right side of the page.

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The best Windows 8 theme available till date, it also give a desktop look up to iOS device and it eats much less memory than any other win8 desktop theme. And the best part is it works fine with both iPhone and iPad.

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