Windows phone 8 amber update version

The update brought many camera improvements and fixed some bugs in the cameras of existing Lumia phones.

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On October 14, , Microsoft released the third General Distribution Release update for Windows Phone 8, which would roll out to phones over the following months. Windows Phone Developers were among the first to receive the update under a new Developer Preview Program. October 14, [41]. General Distribution Release 1 GDR1; also referred to as Update 1 adds new language and region support for Cortana, the option to organize apps into folders on the Start Screen, SMS forwarding of multiple messages, improvements to Xbox Music , a live tile for the Windows Phone Store and an option for sandboxing applications.

Microsoft has made several changes to Internet Explorer Mobile that brings the browser experience closer in line with the experiences on Safari iOS and Chrome Android. To accomplish this, Microsoft moved away from open standards and adopted non-standard features used in Safari and Chrome, implemented browser detection, improved page rendering by detecting legacy WebKit features, brought support for HTML5, and fixed interoperability issues with bad HTML code.

Information regarding GDR2 also referred to as Update 2 was released in February it was revealed that Microsoft was working on a 2nd update for Windows Phone 8. New technology support [59].

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Windows 10 Mobile was announced on January 21, , as a mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets with screens smaller than 8 inches, with the first build released on February 12, Windows Phone 8. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Main article: Computing portal. CBS Interactive. Retrieved March 24, Ars Technica.

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Nokia's "Lumia Amber" software update in detail

Building Apps for Windows. Blogging Windows. Retrieved August 21, August 1, Retrieved December 18, Windows Mobile PowerUser. Microsoft's mobile OS finally feels whole".

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Notification - Windows Phone Hardware Development". Windows Central. Retrieved April 29, Gabe Aul. February 12, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved February 11, February 9, The Lumia Amber update provides significantly improved imaging performance to all Lumia devices, underlining the importance of software in modern cameraphone performance. At higher ISO levels, the camera effectively becomes more sensitive to light, albeit at the cost of noisier images and coarser grained images although Nokia's processing algorithms mitigate this somewhat, so it is not a linear relationship.

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  7. Every time the ISO level is doubled, the amount of light required for a "good" exposure is reduced in half, which also means the amount of time for which the shutter must be open is also reduced. This means that, while higher ISO levels do generally have a detrimental effect on overall quality increased noise, reduced sharpness, and reduced contrast , the associated reduced shutter speeds means it is possible to get better photos less blur when capturing moving objects in low light conditions e.

    I am using a Windows Lumia , with O.S version ,Extra - Microsoft Community

    Example of capture at different ISO levels. Note how the noise increases at higher ISO levels left to right , but the picture also becomes less blurred, as the shutter time is reduced.. Less easy to define, but more widely applicable, are the improvements made to Nokia's custom image processing algorithms. More specifically some before Lumia and after Lumia image examples dramatically showcased how the new algorithms resulted in sharper and more detailed images, with less noise, and better colour accuracy.

    The changes should be apparent in all capture conditions, but what really caught our attention was the improvement in daylight performance, an area in which some of the handsets in Nokia's line up, such as the Lumia , are arguably slightly behind comparable competing devices.

    Nokia Amber + GDR2 Update from Microsoft for Windows Phone 8- Overview

    Most notable was the increased level of detail and a reduction in the soft focus effect that Steve described in our Nokia Lumia camera review. Without testing the final results for ourselves it is not possible to provide a full assessment of the impact of the new processing algorithms, but the early evidence does suggest that they will result in a major improvement in imaging performance, one that we might not have expected to be possible through software alone.

    The exact imaging performance related updates will vary from device to device, based on the capabilities of the camera hardware. For example, the Nokia Lumia is not expected to have ISO extended all the way to ISO , but the exact details of the changes are still being finalised by the imaging teams within Nokia. Also part of the Lumia Amber software update is Nokia's Smart Camera Lens app, which provides various experiences around the shooting of burst images i. These include Best Shot pick best photo from selection , Action Shot showing a moving object multiples times in one image , Motion Focus emphasise a moving object , as well as the Erase Object and Change Face experiences found in the existing Smart Shoot Lens app in effect Smart Camera is an updated and enhanced version of Smart Shoot.

    The Amber update comes with many handy features, some of which were requested by users at an online forum, like the Radio. When I upgraded to my Nokia Lumia , I was a bit taken aback seeing the absence of Radio because it was available on my Lumia handset. Thankfully, I can now smile with Radio coming back to Windows Phone 8 handsets through the Amber update. The former is perfect for pictures involving people and motion. I am a fan of this app and with devices like Lumia and Lumia which boast of the best cameras in business, these apps are a shot in the arm for photo enthusiast users.

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