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Journey to Hell has you playing as one of two holy warriors, tasked with saving the world from the forces of evil. Each one has their own special abilities: Rachel is proficient at weaving and dodging while Gabriel is more about being a human tank, but they each share one goal: Throughout their very singular mission, and vision, they have an expansive and explosive array of weapons to use against the bizarre cast of hellish demons they have to wade through.

Acid-spitting ghouls, disembodied skulls and giant sea-faring krakens are all just part of an average day in the life of these two soldiers. How hardcore is that?! Journey to Hell is an ugly game, and again we mean that in a good way. The world that Rachel and Gabriel travel in is a grimy, nasty, mean one and boy does it look great. The main characters truly look like what you would imagine a couple of grizzled holy warriors would look like and the enemies are rendered to be the stuff of nightmares.

The backgrounds have a suitably slimy, dirty polish to them and look awesome. Unfortunately for Rachel and Gabriel, unholy demon spawn are the least of their worries, as the game is virtually crippled by an almost endless stream of problems. Stay with me. This gets ugly. The Apple woman I spoke to before driving to Orlando assured me that if we wanted a new phone account, that could be handled at the store. So when the phones came out, Brian got to work hooking us up.

The little iPhone he used to connect to all things back-end would not accept our PO Box address to set up a Sprint account. When we tried to give it our street address, the little iPhone insisted that it couldn't connect to Sprint's servers.

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I don't think Sprint was prepared for the surge that happens during iPhone launch week and crumbled. We tried, for close to an hour, to get Sprint to start the account process. Nothing worked. I must have typed in my address and social security number 30 times. Brian was starting to look a little nervous. My wife Finally, Brian gave up on the little iPhone and went and found a manager and made some calls. He apparently got Apple's folks to talk to Sprint's folks, and then came back to us to try to set things up again. Sprint had given him some codes and accounts he needed to use.

If our phones were unlocked, why couldn't we use any phone with any carrier to set up our account?

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Why did we need to even set up our account with a carrier before leaving the store? Once again, he called Sprint, this time on a separate iPhone 6 Plus. Frustration ensued when the Sprint person now on the phone insisted he had all the wrong information, and a whole different set of hoops needed to be jumped through.

We tried that set of hoops, and still no joy. By this time, we had started talking to a few other customers and reps. It turned out that store employees had been having trouble with Sprint all day -- and also that very few of our neighbor-ish customers were going with Sprint. Neither was a good sign. Well, no. This is where the unlockedness of the phones comes into real question. Because the phones Brian had reserved for us were for Sprint only. He couldn't assign them to our Verizon account. They were not Verizon phones.

I still don't understand this.

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Why, in fact, did we need to even set up our account with a carrier before leaving the store? These questions were never answered. We were now about two and a half hours into our experience. Brian checked, and we were told there were no other phones available on other carriers. It was the Sprint way or the highway. So we tried the Sprint thing a few more times. By this point, my wife and I were pretty run down and were seriously considering how nice a Note 5 might be.

But it's been more than three years since I bought a new iOS device, and to keep up with my coverage for you folks, it was time to go back to the iPhone. We decided to stick it out and try to make it work. In any case, no joy was to be had with Sprint. It looked like after an hour and a half ride to the store, two and a half hours in the store, and what would be another hour and a half ride home, we'd be leaving empty handed. That's when Brian said there was sometimes secret inventory. He asked us to wait, went back into the bowels of the store, and spoke to a manager about whether there were any spare phones on other carriers.

He came back looking glum. There were no other phones on any other carriers to be had anywhere in the store. We spent a little more time trying to get hooked up with Sprint. Still no joy. Brian decided to see if he could try his luck with another manager. This time, he came back and said the other manager had, somehow, somewhere, found us two Verizon phones.

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I'm not sure what this says about the way the Apple Store manages inventory contingencies, but we were very grateful for the sudden, unexplained, positive turn in our fortunes. I still have this image in my mind of Mickey and Minnie Mouse we're in Orlando, remember , tied up in the back of the store, having been mugged by a dedicated customer service employee for their soon-to-be-mine Verizon iPhones. It was time to do the hoop-jumping that was qualifying for the Apple Upgrade Program loan through Citizens One. Recall that we did our homework, checked what was required, and brought everything the Apple site said we needed to bring.

We had our credit cards, our drivers licenses, our copies of bills. But the credit cards we brought with us used the PO Box as the primary billing account. Those credit cards are our main cards, where we charge most of our business-related expenses. We do have other cards, including cards with our home as primary billing address. But we didn't bring them with us. That was a mistake. So there we were, now more than three hours into this hellacious process, and getting blocked because either Apple or Citizens One couldn't get their head around the idea of people not wanting to give out their home address.

Brian checked, and his manager checked. Unfortunately, this policy is not clearly spelled out anywhere, and that the wording on the Web site makes it seem like bringing a utility bill is an acceptable workaround. Apparently, customers just come to the store, find out the hard way, and leave angry and empty-handed. Yet, we were undeterred. We were not going to fail on our quest to get two phones we weren't even really sure we still wanted.

We are now second-guessing that decision. Initially, we liked the idea of yearly upgrades. Now, we're thinking that if it means we have to go back to the Apple Store in a year, we're not sure it's worth it. However, this was no longer about getting new phones.

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This was no longer about Apple or upgrades or even providing content to all you nice folks out there. This was about whether or not we were going to get our way and win. We would not let the idiotic, short-sighted, small-minded bureaucracy of either Apple or Citizens One get in our way. So, from the store, my wife jumped onto her phone the Android phone, 'natch , and called our bank.

She worked her way through the their bureaucracy and -- while we were in the 82 dB noise of the store -- got our billing address changed. Right there, on the spot. We again went though the application process with Brian and -- finally -- our Apple Upgrade Program was approved. And then today, along with the rest of you, I learned that my precious phone far superior to the iPhone 8, which is really very bad and stupid has been leapfrogged by the iPhone X: Could anybody have mentioned this to me, maybe?

Maybe tell the guy making the 9 that the 10 is coming out today and it's the best phone in the history of phones? Months and months of labor, gone. Years of devotion: Gone is the large button that calls , demolished is my second screen for "big apps" apps that are bigger , incinerated is my design for little Swiss Army scissors on the top and bottom. These were going to change the way we communicate, to shepherd the tech world into the promised land of good phones. But alas, the iPhone 9 is dead. My life's work, eclipsed by the iPhone X.

So be it!